Berlin, take two – videos and pictures

What a great trip ! We sang some great concerts, spent time in a dynamic city with lots of history, and met lots of Jewish choral singers from around the world. There were no major snafus and thanks to the wonders of the Internet, a bunch of us even got to see the New England Patriots game on Sunday !

I will have more to say about the trip and Berlin, but for now here are some videos from our performances. First, Cantor Louise Treitman does her Marlene Dietrich imitation at the concert we gave at the Jewish museum, singing “Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuß auf Liebe eingestellt,” or “I am made for love from head to toe.” Louise is a wonderful soprano who can sing just about anything very well.

Second is a photo montage of the trip with our performance of Lewandowski’s setting of Psalm 36 . My old friend, Cantor Joel Caplan from Caldwell, NJ sings the solo. Joel is a friend of Zamir Chorale of Boston and has toured with the chorus in Italy and Eastern Europe. What can I say, good tenors are always hard to find !

Some of you may also want to check out photo albums from the trip on Facebook:

My Facebook album

Judy Pike’s album

Lewandowski Festival albums

Zamir/Hinda Eisen’s albums

If anyone has other links to pictures from the trip that are accessible to the public, please send them and I’ll post them here.


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