Two candidates for Congress I like

I was tickled to learn that my former across-the-street neighbor, Rick Woldenberg, is chairman of Joel Pollak’s campaign finance committee. Rick runs a toy company that is suffering because of the draconian toy safety legislation implemented by the Democratic Congress in response to the Chinese toy lead paint issue. Getting the cold shoulder from his legislators in his quest to amend this well-intentioned but overbearing regulation, he changed from being a lifelong Democratic supporter to Republican fundraiser.

I first heard of Joel Pollak when he asked Barney Frank if he bore any responsibility for the housing crash as a supporter of Fannie and Freddie’s mortgages-for-all-regardless-of-creditworthiness policy. Joel became a Youtube sensation with his reasonableness contrasting with Barney’s arrogance.

Joel is running against Jan Schakowsky, a big J Street supporter, major water-carrier for Obama, and career politician. Schakowsky famously admitted that Obamacare is designed to lead to a single-payer government-run healthcare system. Schakowsky said Mr. Woldenberg’s success as a fundraiser, is proof that “very cynical … special interests are highly engaged in the campaign.”

Joel Pollak is strong on Israel and is endorsed by To Protect Our Heritage PAC. He is right on the economic issues confronting us and I am supporting him. Please consider doing the same:

Oh, and if you want to help me retire another career politician, Barney Frank, please check this out:

I am supporting his opponent, Sean Bielat, an ex-Marine and iRobot executive who is also right on the economic issues and a strong supporter of Israel.


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