Conrad Black on the fall election

Conrad Black is a fascinating figure, born into wealth, newspaper empire builder, biographer, convicted felon, who has recently been writing in the National Review, one of my favorite journals.

His take on the upcoming election is the most interesting I have read. His view of Democratic leaders is trenchant and unsparing (he also skewers Harry Reid):

[Nancy Pelosi] will be remembered as a stylish and elegant woman who always got the votes for her president, but was identified almost unerringly with dumb causes.

[Obama] thought he could improve the conduct of the world’s evil and mischievous regimes by pointing out that the U.S. was no longer governed by a white and traditional Judeo-Christian. He apparently thought he could create a self-sustaining economic revival by borrowing a trillion dollars and hurling it like spaghetti at the hobby horses of the Democratic leaders in the Congress. Neither initiative has succeeded, and all indications are that the administration lacks the intellectual originality to produce a solution to the economic impasse, or to cobble together a workable foreign policy.

Black believes Republicans will regain control of both the House and Senate, but fears that no one is addressing the critical issue of the day, America’s leadership in the world. He is very concerned that Obama will wreak foreign policy havoc and 2012 may not bring about the change that is needed:

The presidential selection process has not elevated appropriate people since 1992, the presidency having been capably or even brilliantly occupied for the previous 60 years, except for the Carter interlude. This sequence is becoming extremely dangerous.

Read the whole thing.


2 Responses to “Conrad Black on the fall election”

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