Yet another invention predicted by science fiction

I am old enough to remember seeing Sleeper with Woody Allen in 1973, a science fiction comedy. One of the memorable scenes is when the robotic tailor measures Allen for a custom garment from ‘Ginsburg and Cohen, Computerized Fittings since 2873’. When the jacket emerges, many sizes too big, the robot says, “Okay, ve’ll take it in” in a yiddish accent.

Fast forward to 2010, where body scanners work and have helped produce custom tailored clothes for a decade. Which is not to say that scenes like Woody Allen’s don’t happen – Newsweek has an article describing an experience similar to the one in the movie. But I bet Brooks Brothers gets it right most of the time.

This is yet another example where science fiction has predicted the future. I remember reading about Isaac Asimov’s fictional Multivac computer, which can answer questions using all of human knowledge (kind of like Google) and is available from around the world (presaging the Internet). Make that that available around the galaxy: “He stared somberly at his small AC-contact. It was only two inches cubed and nothing in itself, but it was connected through hyperspace with the great Galactic AC that served all mankind. Hyperspace considered, it was an integral part of the Galactic AC.”

So I guess this is what we can look forward to !


One Response to “Yet another invention predicted by science fiction”

  1. Jonathan Fredman Says:

    Reminds me of Vannevar Bush’s remarkably prescient article in 1945:

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