My PC high school

When I first read the story about the Illinois high school that will not allow its girls basketball team to travel to Arizona, it struck me as yet another lefty imposition of misguided PC values. They won’t let the girls travel to Arizona because Arizonans passed a law that might, heaven forfend, result in Hispanics getting more attention from police. Never mind that the law was a response to the growing problem of drug violence spilling over the border and is strongly supported by Arizonans and the US public, according to polling. Never mind that the law was carefully written and is already amended so it is illegal to pull someone over for DWH (driving while Hispanic).

Then I looked at the team picture in this Fox News story. The picture says welcome to Mundelein. But the team’s name is Giants, same as my alma mater, Highland Park High School. Turns out it is my high school’s team !

Here’s the anomaly. The school board claims they canceled the trip for fear of the girls’ safety. Arizonans passed the law to make their state safer, giving police more tools to deal with illegal aliens involved in the drug trade. The eyes on the ground think this law makes Arizona safer than it was before ! But in the PC mindset, possible civil liberty violations are much more important threats to health and safety. Which is it ?


One Response to “My PC high school”

  1. Ari Says:

    I don’t have time for a full-response, but this should suffice in your gross oversimplification of the clarity and elegance of the arizona law.

    Remember that the multitudes of expensive court cases this clearly non-racially profiling law incurs, if not taken up against specific individual cops, will be financed by taxpayer money. I guess that’s just another facet of fiscal conservatism?

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